Wild Alaska pollock joins the Seattle Kraken arena menu

Forget the hot dogs and popcorn. Order the wild Alaska fish.

Now you can cheer on the Seattle Kraken at Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle between bites of wild Alaska pollock, right in your stadium seat.

Trident Seafoods and the Association of Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) announced in early April that they had been named the official Whitefish of Climate Pledge Arena and the Seattle Kraken, and would be featured on menus throughout the area.

The deal will benefit not only GAPP and Trident Seafoods, but SeaShare, the Seattle nonprofit that works with dozens of volunteers in the seafood, transportation and other industries to provide thousands of portions of wild Alaska seafood to food banks and food programs to feed the hungry.

As part of this new partnership, Joe Bundrant, chief executive officer of Trident Seafood, said his company will be reinforcing its commitment to bringing sustainable seafood to those struggling with food insecurity in coordination with Sea Share. Since 1994, Trident Seafoods has donated the equivalent of 29.2 million servings of seafood to SeaShare, which distributes these high protein sustainable seafood portions to food banks and food programs all over the United States, including Alaska.

“The Seattle Kraken is the 32nd team in the NHL, and we think it’s fitting to increase our donations to reach a lifetime target of donating 32 million servings of food to people in need by 2024. Our partnership with Climate Pledge Arena is an important part of that commitment,” Bundrant said. “When fans enjoy our delicious seafood on game night, they do so knowing they are eating food that is good for people, and good for the planet.”


Climate Pledge Arena meanwhile is redefining what it means to be a sustainable sports and entertainment venue. The stadium operates on 100% renewable energy power, running zero-waste events, and has committed to being free of all single use plastics by 2024.