PWS Pacific cod fisheries closes to pot gear

Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) fishery managers say that based on projected harvest levels, they expect the state waters combined commercial pot and jig allocation of 193,456 pounds will be achieved, following closure of that fishery on Monday.

Vessels harvesting Pacific cod with longline gear ended their season on March 23.

The guideline harvest level (GHL) for the state waters Pacific cod season was set at 1,289,704 pounds, with 85% or 1,096.249 pounds allocated to longline gear. The other 15% or 193,456 pounds was slated for the pot and jib gear.

The Prince William Sound state waters Pacific cod season opened to pot gear on Feb. 27, as provided for in the Prince William Sound Pacific Cod Management Plan. 

The season for longline gear opened on March 10 and closed on March 25.

The parallel fishery for vessels fishing with jig gear remains open in Prince William Sound.