Annual renewal process restarts for Medicaid benefits

Households receiving Medicaid benefits, including DenaliCare or DenaliKidCare, are reminded to make sure their contact information is current, as the required annual renewal process has restarted in Alaska after being paused during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Division of Public Assistance plans to contact those receiving Medicaid benefits over the next 12 months to verify certain information required to renew Medicare coverage and it is important the agency has the right contact information to avoid any gaps in health coverage.

Medicaid renewals are a yearly review process required by the federal government, to redetermine whether recipients meet federal eligibility guidelines. 

During the pandemic the federal government put protections in place allowing Medicaid recipients to continue receiving benefits without having to go through the standard renewal process.

Pandemic-related protections ended April 1.

Update contact information using the Medicaid Information Update Hotline, 1-833-441-1870. This is a separate phone line with staff available to process contact information changes. This line was established to reduce wait times on the Virtual Contact Center line, whose staff provide other services.
Check mail regularly and respond quickly to renewal forms requesting information. These forms are to be sent only to individuals when more information is needed. Providing updated information will help avoid gaps in coverage.


Visit for renewal information, to sign up for email updates, and to get connected to other resources.