Spring Fishermen’s EXPO offers virtual format

The Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association (ALFA) and the Alaska Sustainable Fisheries Trust (ASFT) in Sitka are hosting a free series of interactive workshops and training in a virtual format April 4-5, on subjects ranging from harvester training to pending salmon bycatch actions.

Participants can tune in to learn about commercial fishing insurance, management updates on halibut bycatch and pending salmon bycatch actions, business planning for fishermen, break-even analysis, preparing for your lender, Deckhand Logbook updates, troller-led oceanography in Southeast Alaska, ALFA’s crew training program, and more.

Presenters include Maddie Lightsey with Alaska Boats and Permits, Jess Sarsfield with AgWest Farm Credit, Marc Wheeler with Spruce Root, Sunny Rice and Gabe Dunham with SeaGrant, Linda Behnken and Natalie Sattler with ALFA, Kirk Johanson and Dylan Hopper with SeaMountain insurance, and Tyler Hennon with the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. 

People are welcome to participate in as many sessions as they are able. Raffle prizes are available for those attending these sessions.

The series is an effort by ALFA and ASFT to provide resources and educational opportunities for fishermen, especially those new to the industry. ALFA executive director Linda Behnken said that because of their sponsors and ALFA’s membership they are able to provide the workshops free for anyone in the fisheries industry and to the public.

ALFA is an alliance of small boat commercial fishermen who support sustainable fisheries and thriving coastal communities by involving fishermen in research, advocacy, and conservation alternatives. ASFT is a non-profit dedicated to strengthening fishing communities and marine resources through research, education, and economic opportunity.


For details contact Natalie Sattler at [email protected] or 907-738-1286.

The full schedule of events and registration is online at alfafish.org.

All presentations will allow time for discussion and questions.