Go for launch: the girls take off from the platform during Saturday’s swim meet. Photo credit: Amanda Williams

The USA Swimming Cordova Dual in the Pool two-day meet with the Cordova Iceworms in their home pool against the Valdez Torpedo’s Swim Club was extremely close on the score board, but Valdez swam away with the overall points leading 47.1 to 42.9.

The top Iceworm swimmers during the boys’ timed finals were Bastien Wagner, Brady McManus, and Wesley Sheridan. Wagner got first place in the boy’s 200-yard freestyle. McManus dominated with several wins, including the boy’s 50-yard freestyle and boy’s 100-yard freestyle. Sheridan came in second during the boy’s 50-yard butterfly and 50- and 100-yard breaststroke competition.

Some of the top swimmers for the lady Iceworms included Mariah Wagner taking first during the girl’s 25-yard butterfly, Skyla Hallquist taking first place during the girl’s 50-yard freestyle, and Sierra Westing taking first during the girl’s 50-yard backstroke and achieving a personal best time. The girls team swept the 100 IM (individual medley event) swim, with the top four swimmers from the Iceworm team.

Bastien Wagner, poses with his prize, a rubber ducky, for taking first place during the Cordova Dual in the Pool swim meet. Photo credit: Amanda Williams

This meet is the Cordova Iceworms’ second to last showing for the season, which will wrap up in an away meet in Valdez during Easter weekend. Ages of the swimmers ranged from 6 to 14 years old.

Coach Marcela Wagner said that the Iceworms having been swimming non-stop, competing in five big meets. Three swimmers on the team qualified in their age groups for championship swims, with all three placing in the top eight. The Cordova Dual in the Pool is the first home meet for the Iceworms in half a year.

“They work on themselves to get faster. We have 45 swimmers and practice 4 days a week,” said Wagner.