Small earthquake strikes near Cordova

A light magnitude 3.0 earthquake was registered 84 miles southeast of Cordova at 10:29 p.m. on Sunday. The earthquake was reported by the United States Geological Survey, and described as weak shaking near the epicenter.

Sunday’s rumble was 10.8 kilometers deep, with an estimated 2 x 109 joules of seismic energy released.

The Alaska Earthquake Center recommends that during an earthquake if you are indoors you drop, cover, and hold. Avoid glass that might shatter, and find cover under a desk or table. If you can’t find cover, crouch near a wall with nothing heavy above you that could fall. If you are outside, get into the open while avoiding power lines and buildings. If driving, pull over, stop, and stay in your car.

For those that live along the coast, seek higher ground or move several hundred feet inland. Remain there until authorities give the all clear to protect yourself from potential tsunamis.

According to the Alaska Earthquake Center affiliated with the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Alaska has experienced over 30 earthquakes of magnitude 6.0 and higher.