Mug shot of Andrew Johnson. Photo courtesy of the City of Cordova

The man who escaped from jail in Cordova on Sunday has been located and brought back into custody, according to an announcement from the city.

Andrew Johnson, 35, was arrested again on Monday at 12:51 a.m. by the Cordova Police Department after his escape.

“He violently attacked and caused injury to one of my officers, which made my officer incapacitated. He then restrained my officer, and then was able to escape the facility at that time,” said Chief of Police Andrew Goss. “He grabbed his personal clothes, but no weapons from our department.”

The officer who was attacked is injured but will make a recovery, shared Goss.

Johnson was previously booked for allegedly assaulting a police officer and violating his conditions of release on March 15.

New charges for Johnson after his escape include alleged attempted murder, multiple counts of assault and kidnapping, according to Goss.


“I want to thank the public for the tip calls, that is how we were able to finally locate him. He did not resist, we were able to take him into custody without incident,” he said.

Goss shared the department is looking into the incident and making swift changes to make sure this type of occurrence doesn’t happen again.

“With any type of incident, obviously it is a learning experience,” he said. “We are addressing some of the issues of concern, and we are making immediate changes so it will not happen again.”

In the announcement of Johnson’s arrest on Monday, the city expressed gratitude for CPD and the community. 

“Thank you to the Cordova Police Department for their tireless effort and success in keeping our community safe, and to the community members who submitted phone calls and anonymous tips,” the announcement said.