Murkowski invites applications for 2024 appropriations

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, is making appropriations request forms for fiscal year 2024 available on her website in advance of the March 17 deadline for these applications.

The FY 2024 appropriations process includes opportunities to fund local projects through congressionally directed spending, a reformed process resumed in FY22 which allows Alaskans to identify and receive federal assistance for needs in the state. 

Murkowski said the process restores the constitutional power of the purse to Congress, accounts for no more than 1% of federal discretionary spending, and does not increase overall spending levels. 

“Without this process, many of the dollars now headed for Alaska would go to other states based on decisions made by federal departments and agencies,” she said.  “Submitted proposals will be considered by the Senate Appropriations Subcommittees on a bipartisan basis through established criteria.”

Applications are available online at Senator Murkowski’s website You can also visit, click on the “assistance” tab, and click on the “FY24 Appropriations and CDS Request Page.”

Request awards have varied by committee, but historically most successful project request awards fall below $2 million. Criteria for project requests differ between the appropriations subcommittees, and within each appropriations subcommittee not all accounts are able to have Congressionally Directed Spending projects meaning that many worthwhile projects won’t be eligible, the senator said.