ADF&G honors Cordova’s John Renner for service

Veteran commercial fisherman John Renner, a vice president of Cordova District Fishermen United, was honored on Tuesday, Feb. 21, for his outstanding contributions to the Copper River/Prince William Sound Advisory Committee of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

The four Excellence in Service Award Program winners of 2023 also included Willow Hetrick, Anchorage Advisory Committee; Randy Alvarez, Lake Iliamna Advisory Committee; and Mike Kramer, Fairbanks Advisory Committee.

ADF&G annually honors such individuals for their service to Alaska’s communities, fish and wildlife, and regulatory process on the local fish and game advisory committees.

ADF&G noted that Renner has been an active member of his area’s advisory committee for 32 years as a member, secretary and most recently co-chair. Renner is a multi-generational commercial fisherman, hunter and subsistence user.

“His knowledge and experience have made a huge difference in the issues that are important to our area,” ADF&G officials said. “His sons carry on his legacy and are passing it on to their children. John is well-recognized and respected by many board members and ADF&G staff, and his tireless work on the Advisory Committee and Board of Fisheries meetings have ensured that Cordovans will be able to continue our commercial fishing lifestyle.”