Copper River Salmon Marketing expands team

Copper River Prince William Sound Marketing Association recently added two new staff members to the organization. Jessica “JJ” James has joined as program coordinator and Vivian Lian as digital communications manager.

Jessica “JJ” James. Photo courtesty of Christa Hoover.

Multi-channel digital marketing, annual immersive familiarity tours and robust year-round sampling are all programs under the care of James. James is skilled in video and sound production and project management, and the association team looks forward to her impact on Alaska’s premium salmon brand, Copper River, as well as the emerging Prince William Sound salmon brand.

“I am thrilled to join this small team. My background in the creative arts brings a unique perspective. I am excited to see where this new journey takes me,” James said. “Having grown up in Cordova and been away for many years, this job has reconnected me to my hometown in more ways than I could have imagined. After all these years, I come back home and am immediately accepted in the workforce and the community. I am excited to be reunited with familiar faces and new ones as well, and especially people I knew as kids who are now adult fishermen that I work on behalf of.”

In her role, Lian has taken over consumer facing communications through blogs for Copper River and Prince William Sound Salmon. Also in her wheelhouse are communications on social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Tik Tok.

“Working alongside Christa and JJ has been a wonderful experience from day one,” Lian said. “Our creativity and communication just mesh. I am looking forward to seeing the exciting projects we are working to come to fruition during the upcoming 2023 salmon season. After working for The Cordova Times for six years, I’m happy to be able to keep my communications and editing skills sharp in my role as digital communications manager. Graphic design is a passion of mine and getting to use my full skillset in support of the commercial salmon fleet here in southcentral Alaska keeps me connected to the 125 years my family has been invested in these fisheries.”

Vivian Lian. Photo courtesy of Christa Hoover.

“Hiring marketing professionals can be challenging in our small coastal community. We love it when we are able to work with members of our community that have both the skills we need and the background in our regional fisheries. Both JJ and Vivian fit the bill ideally,” said Christa Hoover, executive director at the marketing association said. “Vivian grew up in a commercial salmon fishing family and has saltwater in her veins, and JJ spent many years in Cordova as a youth and has fished in Prince William Sound and also worked for our local aquaculture organization.”


The nonprofit regional seafood development association, Copper River Prince William Sound Marketing Association, is funded by the drift and set net salmon fleet in ADFG management area E, Prince William Sound and the Copper River District. At this time a staff of three works to create consumer preference for salmon from both the Prince William Sound and Copper River areas as well provide business to business support for exclusive promotions of the established Copper River brand and the emerging Prince William Sound brand.