2022-2023 Cordova Weight Loss Initiative

Hey Cordova, I am excited to let you all know about our upcoming weight loss group starting this November. Our initial program, “Kick the 19,” which ran last winter and spring, was a huge success! The numbers speak for themselves. Counting up all of the weight lost by the members in the program, we lost a combined weight of more than 240 pounds. That is essentially the average weight of an NFL football player or 48 five-pound bags of sugar!

This winter, the program will be quite similar. It is free to all community members over the age of 16 who wish to lose 10 or more pounds. Bring your own dieting ideas/plan with you, and you will have a consultation from healthcare providers within the community to help answer your questions.  Each week there will also be a topic on weight loss and nutrition by a healthcare provider to help broaden your understanding of weight loss and other important health and wellness topics. Choose your own dieting strategy, and we will support you with this. Or come without a plan and you will be supported as you develop a dieting strategy that works well for you.

Each group member will weigh in at every meeting. This is a cornerstone of the success of the group since it offers accountability. Accountability week after week is a fantastic way to help keep people motivated and keep the pounds coming off. It is a proven fact that a weekly weigh-in has the potential for greater weight loss results than any other type of dieting strategy. Weights are kept confidential. We do like to share with the group if your weight is up or down, but this can also be kept confidential if you prefer. 

There will be a few changes this year. I am most excited to tell you that our very own community nutritionist Barbara Solomon has offered to help with the program! Not only will you have the support of your peers with a weekly weigh-in, but you will also have the support of a nutritionist and a physician. Another difference this go around is that it will be from mid-November through mid-February. I decided that this could really benefit the community by keeping those pounds off during the holidays and darkest months of the year.

So be brave and commit to the 16 weeks. Learn about healthy food choices and the science behind weight loss. Lose that darn weight! Be bold and step a bit out of your comfort zone. Whether you are an individual who is embarrassed to get on the scale, a middle-aged man who wants to size down their Carhartts or Grundens, or a teenager or young adult who is self-conscious about their weight, this group is for you! Don’t forget that it is entirely free to all community members!

To join the group of find out more, please email Dr. Gloe at [email protected]


Meetings will start Nov. 16 and run through Feb. 22, 2023. Meetings will start at 6 p.m., and they will last from 30-45 minutes. I will see you then at CCMC’s downstairs cafeteria!