The Muma family and their dad’s bench. Photo credit Breanna Mills.

Aug. 24 was one of the many stormy, rainy days Cordova experienced this year, but that

didn’t stop the Cordova Public Library and Friends of the Library to share the joy of a garden

dedication. A delightful crowd of hearty Cordovans joined together by the cozy library fireplace

as Mayor David Allison thanked all the folks who helped build the gardens surrounding the

library in the Cordova Center.

The Cambell family from left to right: Jenae, Rebecca and father, Bruce. Photo credit to Breanna Mills

When planning began for the Cordova Center, the idea of natural gardens surrounding the


Center was a big hope for the staff of the old library and museum who for years had nurtured

the Centennial Building gardens. Something that could be low maintenance, reflect our natural

surroundings and be fun!

Mayor Allison, noted, “Longtime Librarian and friend to many, Sally Campbell helped dream up

the idea of a kid friendly garden in front of the new library. Sally loved the kids that came to the

library and was a special friend to many of them, as well as many of our elders. We are here to

remember Sally and dedicate her garden dream. We also remember other Cordova Public

Librarians of our past – Corrine Erickson, Rose Weathers, Doris Andersen and Pam Long.”

In addition, to honoring the librarians, Mayor Allison recognized the artistic talents of our former

harbormaster, Dale Muma. Dale loved his home away from home at Boswell Bay and creating

fabulous furniture from his driftwood finds. The two special benches – one for adults and one for

the littles were gifts of Dale before he passed.

Photo credit to Breanna Mills

The Campbell and Muma families were present for the dedication. Sally’s daughters Rebecca

and Jenae, along with their father unveiled the plaque that will be placed in the garden.

The Friends of the Library also recognized and thanked the talented Cordovans who made all

the garden dreams come true. In particular Master Gardener Toni Bocci who led the charge to

build these gardens.

And a huge thank you to the following Cordovans:

-Malvin Fajardo for his patience and tireless help.

-Mark Wegner for the most perfect rocks and their placement!

-Sharon Ermold who’s always ready to help.

-Susan Ogle and her vast knowledge of plants and contributions of many of the trees and


-Shelley Stephens

-Barb Webber

-Tina Hammer

-Barb Cave

-Chris Dunlap

-Clay Koplin

-Boots Roemhildt and Ace Hardware

-Seaman’s Hardware

-Cathy Sherman

-Mimi & Tim Briggs

-Sylvia Lange

-Lori Honkola

-Ira Grindle

-Michelle and Mike Poole

-Bill and Diane Cobb

-Linda Glasen


-Paula Payne

And there are also many anonymous/unknown people who planted and brought driftwood in on

their own.