Caption: F/V Cadillac. Oil painting by Mark Flanagan.

By Kate McLaughlin

A pewter-tinged sea
trimmed with tinsel and lace
floats in greened granite arms

Whale waves wash rocky shores
to the sound of their humpback horns

Clouds echoing mountains
pour over steeped edges endlessly

While wet breaths mingle
with williwaws flung wide

Reality fades into fantasy
where dreams prepare to be


Wishes emerge reflected
on light-rimmed flukes tipped high
and sink slowly back into the sea

About the Author

A resident of Prince William Sound since 1998, Kate is a wildlife biologist and sometimes writer.  Before moving to Cordova in 2015, she lived in The Native Village of Chenega on Evans Island where she chased humpback whales for NOAA on occasion.  Nowadays, when not running the front desk for the Forest Service, Kate chases hummingbirds and berry bushes.

Artist Statement

I feel life is not complete without art. And I try to incorporate art into all aspects of my life. Creative people are happier.  – MTF

What’s The Catch?

This poem and paintingwere originally published in the “Wonder” themed Summer 2022 edition of The Catch, Cordova’s literary & arts quarterly publication. The Catch can be viewed at the library or online at Scroll to the bottom of the page to access The Catch archives. The Catch is edited by city librarian Jillian Gold.

The Fall edition is coming soon!

The call for submissions to the “Journeys” themed Fall 2022 edition closed yesterday.  Stay on the lookout for the new issue in the beginning of October.  To receive a free digital copy of The Catch or for more information, email [email protected].  Print copies will be available for purchase at the library & museum.