Mrs. Molly Reggiani’s 2nd grade class. Courtesy of Molly Reggiani

Our school is the best! We have swimming. Our cheese pizza days are the best because I love cheese pizza.  And I love this school because I love when I come into the classroom and see my teacher, Mrs. Reggiani.
Lucy Whissel

Our school is the best because we can go swimming and it is free.  It’s crazy! Our teacher is the best teacher ever and she is so good at teaching us, but I am so tired after school because I work so hard!
Hayden Alexander

Mt. Eccles is cool.  I like pizza from the cafeteria and the dessert.  I like math and books and recess.  I feel great because my friends play with me.
Danny DeLozier

I really like Mt. Eccles!  Our school is fun because we have recess! I like being in class because we play with toys.  I like the blocks.
Miguel Carino

Mt. Eccles is awesome because on Wednesday we get pizza. Pizza is cheesy and yummy.  I also like swimming in the pool.
Walter Niles

Mt. Eccles is the best! We have pizza, it is so cheesy.  I like P.E. because we get to play all sorts of games.  The breakfast is the best.  Recess is fun to take a break.  I feel good.
Brandon Banks


What I like best about this school is Mrs. Reggiani.  She is the best teacher.  My friends are the most fun because they play with me.
Maliyah McCune

Our school is the best!  It has nice teachers and I know most of them. The 4th graders have pets.  Our school also has a fun playground.  There are lots of things to play on like the tunnels and slides, monkey bars and swings.
Cora Kocan

Mt. Eccles is the best! We have free swimming and it has a covered playground. And on Friday there are only 4 hours of school and we make ice cream and pudding.  We go on field trips.  We grow butterflies.  We do science.  We feel awesome!
Timmy Powell

Our school is the best.  I love swimming because you get to learn how to swim. Mr. Hamberger teaches us.
Eden Pearson

Mt. Eccles is awesome! Pizza day is only on Wednesday and the only day we have dessert.  Our school also has swimming.  Sometimes we can go on the diving board and sometimes we can have free time.  I feel calm because there aren’t TOO many exciting things at school.
Maxine Manuel

Mt. Eccles is awesome because we can have pizza.  The pizza is good because it is sooo cheesy.  School is good because you can learn, read books, do math, go to PE and play with Legos.  I feel good at school.
Kona Castellano

Mt Eccles is awesome! We have swimming for free and we learn a lot from swimming.  And it makes me happy.  Our teachers are the best.
Levi Rubio

Our school is the best! I love the playground, it is fun. We have free swimming.  My teacher is the best!
Celia Sheridan

Mt. Eccles is awesome because it has a covered playground.  It has weird huge plastic tubes.  And it is the only one like it.  I am very grateful that I am taught here. I really love DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read) and I love doing the Pledge of Allegiance.
Abel Haught

Mt. Eccles is the best because we get pizza every Wednesday.  And Mr. Hamberger is very very fun.  He is my favorite teacher.  Our playground is huge and it has a roof.  I feel very safe here because if I get hurt the clinic is right next door and my dad works there.
David Head

Mt. Eccles is awesome.  The food in the cafeteria is awesome!  The playground is fun and amazing because there is a lot to do.  Mrs. G helps me read.
Hayley Ibanez