IPS conference set for July 26-29 in Cordova

An Isolated Power Systems Connect conference is set for July 26-29 in Cordova, to bring together isolated grid experts from around the world for networking and expert panel discussions, including participants from Alaska, Canada, Hawaii, Australia and Greenland.

Conferees will include national lab experts, remote grid operators, supply chain representatives and others working on isolated grids.

Panel sessions will cover the latest developments in integration and technology from vehicle-to grid to hydrogen fuel cells, and share lessons learned as well discuss opportunities and challenges facing remote gride operations.

The conference will also include in-person energy grids and Cordova is home to a pioneering hybrid system that generates over 70% of the town’s power for some 2,600 residents using advanced grid controls run-of river hydropower, diesel generators and a lithium-ion energy storage system.

Registration is now open. For further information contact Stephanie Nowers at sjnowers@mtaonline.net.