Letters to the Editor: Feb. 25, 2022 edition

People vote in Alaska's primary election at the Education Room in the Cordova Center on Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2018. (Photo by Emily Mesner/The Cordova Times)

A vote for Bolin

Dear Cordova Voters,
Chris Bolin is a hardworking man. He is a father with three children in the Cordova School District starting in kindergarten. Over the past year, Chris has attended several board meetings, speaking eloquently on several issues. Now he is running for school board.
Chris has served our community in the past. He has spent seven years on the Planning and Zoning Commission and more years on the Cordova Little League Board. He currently works in the Public Works Department as a city mechanic. Chris is a longtime Cordovan – over 20 years.
The future looks bright. Chris knows this. He envisions a better Cordova, a stronger Cordova. It is why I am proud to endorse Chris Bolin for School Board and strongly urge all of my fellow Cordovans to vote for him. You cannot go wrong with a vote for Bolin.

William Deaton

It’s time for a change, support Molly Mulvaney

My name is Mark Heidbrink. I have been a resident of Cordova and a commercial fisherman for three decades plus. I am writing to show my support for Molly Mulvaney in the upcoming city election.
Although I respect Molly’s opponent in this race, I feel it is time for a change of direction. As I think everyone will agree these have been times of unprecedented national and local division as well as extremism. What better person to help fix this problem than a practicing lawyer who specializes in mediation and reconciliation?
Her background as a commercial fisherman will also make her sensitive to the needs of a town like Cordova. Being a mother, wife, and local property owner fulfill her qualifications to be an effective City Council member. Please vote for this good person in the upcoming election.

Mark Heidbrink

Support Ken Jones for City Council

Good day Cordova! Spring is near!
I’m writing his open letter to the citizens of Cordova in support of Ken Jones for City Council seat G.
Ken Jones is a yearround resident who believes in Cordova’s potential. He is a small business owner in a town full of small businesses. He will make sure that small business is represented. Ken is a commercial fisherman. Commercial fishing, as many of you know, is the lifeblood of Cordova.
If there is lifeblood, there must be a heart. The heart of the Cordova economy is its harbors. We have an incredible opportunity in the very near future for an amazing harbor rebuild. These don’t come along very often, it’s important to have the right people at the helm. I believe Ken Jones is one of those people.
There are many other reasons to vote for Ken, but I have to keep this short. If you want to know more, call Ken and ask him. He’s always willing to talk about the issues important to our town. A vote for Ken Jones is a vote for Cordova’s future.
God bless and good fishing!

Bret Bradford


Vote for Molly Mulvaney

I wish to note my support for Molly Mulvaney, candidate for City Council, Seat G.
I have known Molly for over 20 years, and feel she is a very good choice for Council. We can count on Molly to carefully consider all sides of an issue, and to work constructively with the rest of the Council and all stakeholders, including those who may think differently. Likewise, she will be good at listening to all citizens, learning from them, and working hard to improve the wellbeing of Cordova and its people.
Molly has a long history of involvement in the Alaska fishing industry, and knows what fishing means to Cordova. I believe she will promote economic development of our fisheries and waterfront, as well as the other sectors of Cordova’s economy. As a small business owner, she knows many of the challenges facing businesses in Cordova, and will use that experience and knowledge to help our economy, while keeping true to our budget.
I look forward to casting my vote for Molly, and I urge all of you to vote for the candidate of your choice on March 1.

Bill Lindow

Back Molly Mulvaney for good governance

The Editor,
If you believe that good governance is all about consensus and process and understanding and administrative skill you probably should back Molly Mulvaney for Cordova City Council.
Her opponent offers you passion, the ability to catch fish and a bunch of highly partisan, strongly held opinions. Admirable in a young person perhaps but definitely not the right skill set for this particular complex job.
Molly, on the other hand, is a lawyer, a trained mediator, an experienced administrator with a long institutional memory and a listener. She is a longtime resident of the community with a deep statewide understanding of the fishing industry.
Now that’s a skill set for a city councilor!

Andrew Smallwood

Vote for our children’s future

For those that don’t know me, my name is Chris Bolin. I’m running for the Cordova School Board. I’ve lived in Cordova for 24 years. I married a local girl and we’re raising our three kids here. My wife and myself both have local jobs and live here year-round. I’ve been on the Planning and Zoning Board for seven years as well as the Cordova Little League Association. I was on the CCMC board as a fill for a year. I have a direct interest in the schools with all three kids currently attending.
I feel it is time for the next generations of Cordovans to step up, be involved, and shape Cordova into what we want for us and our kids. This is why I’m stepping up to the needs of Cordova and be more involved with our future and our children.
All through my oldest child elementary years I would go and have lunch with her every chance I got. I’m looking forward to that as well as with my youngest two, hopefully very soon. I’m in this for the long run and look forward to the challenge. I urge everyone to get out and vote for our children’s future.
Thank you and God Bless,

Chris Bolin

Vote for Ken Jones for Council

As Cordova heads to the polls, I’d like to urge my friends, fellow fishermen and residents of Cordova to vote for Ken Jones for City Council.
The stakes are high. Cost of living has become insurmountable; families have been forced to move seeking affordable housing. Ken is a life-long, multi-generational Cordovan and is passionate about maintaining affordable housing and reasonable cost of living.  Cordova’s success is personal to him; he is raising two young boys here and his parents, and in-laws, are nearing retirement in Cordova.
I’ve known Ken since 2009 when I resigned from the Alaska State Troopers and returned to commercial fishing. In a sense, I’ve seen him grow up from a late teen to the family man he is today.
I admire his entrepreneurial spirit, work ethic and his tenacity to get things done. I’ve served with Ken on various boards and commissions, including Cordova City Council. I have watched Ken’s effectiveness representing Cordova and our fishing fleet at Alaska Board of Fisheries meetings over the last decade.
Cordova has no better advocate than Ken. He has ambitious goals and continually achieves them in his personal life. His punch list for bettering Cordova is no different. Electing Ken is ensuring you have “in touch” representation on City Council. His ideas for tax abatement strategies, shipyard expansion, harbor renewal efforts, and revitalizing Main Street are just a few of his passions — so much so that he put his money where his mouth is to return business to main street by purchasing Smith Tower.
Ken is pro-business and wants to see Cordova’s population stabilize and grow to support every resident. The strategies and ideas he brings to the table are a betterment to every resident, and a reduction in what it costs to call Cordova “Home.”

James Burton

Mulvaney’s legal wisdom will benefit Cordova

I am writing this letter in full support of Molly Mulvaney in her efforts to win a City Council seat in this upcoming election.
I have known of Molly and have gotten to know Molly in my almost 12 years of living in Cordova. I had always known of and heard of Molly as a trusted professional and a resource for navigating any family and real estate legal journey.
In recent years I relied on her as a mediator to move through a very challenging period in my life. From the time I first sought her help, she was a kind, calm and knowledgeable resource. She was also fair and impartial, a true professional. She was an excellent mediator and remained committed to her clients and finding a resolution over a period of a year and a half.
I am grateful for her, and I know many others feel the same. Once Molly devotes herself to a process or a cause, she remains fully dedicated, and I can see that her enthusiasm about serving our community, along with her legal wisdom and life experience will benefit all Cordovans should she win her race for City Council.

Lara Kreyling

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