Meet the candidates: Cordova mayoral candidate Wendy Ranney

David Allison and Wendy Ranney are running for mayor of Cordova. Election day is March 1.


How long have you lived in Cordova?

I have lived in Cordova for 17 years if you strictly go by the numbers, but my commitment to this community economically, socially, and physically is generational and those that know me know that I am all in 100% when I commit to something I am passionate about.

What leadership skills would you bring to the job?

Strong Public Speaker; very organized; familiar with Robert’s Rules and Meeting Protocols; not afraid to work hard at getting information; willing to listen; have open-mindedness and creative approaches to challenges; problem-solving skills; trustworthy and have Integrity.

One of the more important roles as Mayor is being a spokesperson for the City of Cordova. I am willing to be an energetic advocate, taking the City Council’s Messages to Juneau and beyond to accomplish stability for our community.

What is Cordova’s biggest economic challenge and how would you address it?

Cordova’s Biggest immediate economic challenge is our housing shortage and supply train issues. I think communicating/partnering with transportation partners and entities like the PWSSC, NVE, AMHS, we can come together and find some “out of the box” solutions to our immediate shortfalls. We have a one-time opportunity to stabilize our ferry service! Cordova needs a strong, proactive voice at the table for those discussions. It is imperative that we not continue to be the AMHS’s stepchild. I am willing to fight for our services! Reliable transportation is one of the most important pieces of a stable economy.

Whom would you collaborate with to boost Cordova’s economy?

I think Cordova needs to aggressively hold the State Accountable for its monetary shortfalls. Local partners are going to need to come together to move us into the future. It takes a village and businesses, the city, property owners, and non-profits are going to need to work together to find creative solutions to our economic shortfalls. I feel like I can facilitate those conversations. For example, we could partner with local and state entities to find internal solutions for supply relief. We need to take some of our reliance on the supply train away and push an agricultural revolution at the neighborhood level. The more self-sufficient we are, the less impacted by supply issues we become.


Where and when have you volunteered in the community, including at present? 

Highlights of my Community Involvement:

(See a more complete list on my “Wendy Ranney for Mayor of Cordova” Facebook page.)

Earned my EMT and Firefighter 1 certifications in one year, giving over 250+ volunteer hours back to the community that year; city Parks & Recreation chair for multiple years; city Library Board co-chair for multiple years; Chamber of Commerce board member for multiple years; 2×2 Cancer Walk Board Member; city Trails Committee secretary; Historic Preservation Commission member; Friends of the Library — president and vice president; Cordova Historical Society trustee; Cordova Telephone Coop board member; Charter Member and President since establishing Auxiliary in 2016 — VFW Auxiliary Post #10032; newly appointed member of the Alaska Historical Society; a member of the Secure Rural Schools Prince William Sound Resource Advisory Committee which has distributed millions of dollars into the Prince William Sound area; Cordova produces the most sought-after seafood in the world, it is also home to an amazingly diverse population. I feel that I have the energy, enthusiasm and drive to help Cordovans overcome the current challenges that we face and reach towards our fullest potential.

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