Meet the candidates: Cordova mayoral candidate David Allison

David Allison and Wendy Ranney are running for mayor of Cordova. Election day is March 1.


How long have you lived in Cordova?

I had my 18th Birthday on the road to Cordova in the spring of 1982, working summers here until I graduated College in May of 1987. Cordova has been my home since that time!

What leadership skills would you bring to the job?

Over 20 years of board experience on City Council, Health Services Board, and CTC/CWC, serving most of those years as chair; two years as vice mayor. I have served under five different mayors and as many city managers, and served with over 50 different Council members; ability to guide discussions in a fair way towards the best possible outcome working with everyone to make good decisions. I have taught at the community college for a dozen or more years.

What is Cordova’s biggest economic challenge and how would you address it

Fluctuations in fish abundance and price, high energy costs, aging infrastructure, and keeping reasonable budgets, and limited affordable housing are a few of our economic challenges. We need to continue expanding fisheries, advocating for reasonable allocations and fishing time. Continue seeking out other fisheries on the shoulder seasons. We can continue to diversify with right sized tourism, marketing our resources to bring new investment in. Whatever agriculture we can do, seek out alternate energy sources as fossil fuels are phased out. Limit government and create an environment that allows businesses to flourish. We need to build on the upcoming Harbor Rebuild project and 2nd Street rebuild (a collaboration with the city, NVE, CEC and the state) together these two projects hold nearly 45 million dollars of investment. We need to incentivize and encourage housing projects in order to grow our community.

Whom would you collaborate with to boost Cordova’s economy?

We must never forget that we (city) are partners in every business in Cordova. We must consult with them and start acting like partners rather than just the tax takers! We need to incentivize businesses and residents, for that matter, to improve, beautify, and invest in our community. Obviously, we need to also work with our state and federal legislators as much of the investment can come from that direction as well. Cordova is filled with intelligent people, savvy investors and talented individuals in all areas. We need to encourage participation and pride in our community. In the early ’90s, I worked with state Rep. Harley Olberg, and Patty Gilbert at the community college to bring the LIO to Cordova. I have also advocated on behalf of CTC and CWC in Washington, D.C., with our federal Legislators. I have the experience to collaborate and get things done. While serving on the CTC/CWC board, we increased annual revenue from $3.5 million a year to over $12 million a year, without increasing costs to local members. Continuing and expanding working in partnership with the native villages and corporations is critical to the success of our community. These are the things we need to do for our economy … diversify, multiply, beautify, and take our partnership to the next level, without creating a burden on the local residents.

Where and when have you volunteered in the community, including at present?

City Council, 14 years; vice mayor, two years; health services board, 20 years, most as chair; many and chaired a few committees including marine transportation, trapping, snow dump and smoking committee; Alaska Municipal League Legislative committee, one year; CTC/CWC board, 20 years, most as chair; community college IT, 15 years; taught in Junior Achievement at the high school; volunteer administrator at the Moose Lodge; coached Little League from T-ball through majors, and summer basketball camps; City Council;  lock operator at the school athletic events; volunteer for local events such as Fourth of July BBQ; volunteer at my church on the pastoral council and assisting with local fundraisers.


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