Bids sought for Pollock test fishery

Bids are being accepted through Jan. 7 by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for a vessel to conduct a test fishery using pelagic trawl to harvest up to 900,000 pounds of walleye Pollock in registration Area E of Prince William Sound.

Eligible vessels must register for the 2022 Prince William Sound directed Pollock pelagic trawl fishery.

The area open to test fishing will be the same area open during the commercial fishery. Revenues generated from this test fishery will be used to offset the cost of assessment and management of Prince William Sound, Alaska Department of Fish and Game officials said.

The test fishery may occur the week before the regulatory opening of the Prince William Sound directed Pollock pelagic trawl fishery, between noon Jan. 12 and noon Jan. 19, following the closure of the commercial fishery, for which timing will depend on when and if the guideline harvest level is achieved, officials said.

The minimum bid price is $.030/per pound. Bids will be accepted for three individual lots of 300,000 pounds each. Contracts are to be awarded to the highest bidder within three decimal places for each of three lots. All costs associated with the test fishery are to be assumed by the successful bidder.

Further information on how to obtain a request-for-quotation sheet is available from ADF&G in Homer at 907-235-8191 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. To receive a packet via fax, leave a voicemail request including a contact fax number for Jan Rumble at 907-321-1569, or email [email protected] to receive the packet via email.