ADF&G sets 1.1 million GHL for Kodiak Tanner crab

Alaska Department of Fish and Game officials have set a guideline harvest level of 1.1 million pounds for Kodiak for the 2022 commercial Tanner crab fisheries, plus 200,000 pounds for Chignik, and 500,000 pounds for the South Peninsula.

All three fisheries will open on Jan. 15.

The quota announcement on Oct. 27 came after ADF&G had competed its review of 2021 Tanner crab survey results for the Kodiak, Chignik and South Peninsula districts.

Based on 2021 Kodiak District survey results, the eastside, southeast and southwest sections of the Kodiak District exceeded regulatory thresholds necessary for the 2022 commercial Tanner crab season.

The fishery was closed for the 2021 season.

The GHLs were set at 500,000 pounds for the eastside 400,000 pounds in the southeast and 200,000 pounds in the southwest section. The northeast, westside, north mainland and south mainland sections will remain closed for the season.


Since the GHL is below 2 million pounds the regulatory pot limit is 20 pots per vessel for the eastside, southeast and southwest sections and 70 pots per vessel in the Semidi Island overlap section.

All Tanner crab fisheries will be monitored in-season and district/section or subdistrict/subsection closures may occur before the GHLs are fully harvested based on fishery performance and harvest distribution. Additional information regarding registration, weather delays, in-season catch reporting and fishery management actions will be provided prior to the season opening.