More Alaska Pollock products are on the way

Alaska Pollock supports the nation’s largest fishery. Photo courtesy of NOAA Fisheries

More new wild Alaska Pollock products will be coming to retail markets, thanks to incentives from the Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP), which has invested over $1.6 million in 14 seafood partners to create new ways to enjoy this sustainable white fish.

Competition was stiff in 2021 for GAPPs co-investment funds, attracting retailors, foodservice distributors and others, including a family-owned Hawaiian company that produces fish cakes and other seafood products.

“You’re going to see wild Alaska Pollock products popping up in countless new ways, places and menus in the coming year thanks to these partners and their vision for our fish,” said Craig Morris, chief executive officer of GAPP.

A non-profit Alaska corporation formed in 2003 GAPP continues to promote Alaska Pollock in major whitefish markets worldwide, with a focus on Europe, North America and Japan, with a goal of educating seafood buyers and consumers about the nutritional benefits of the fish.

Among the grant winners this time around are Gorton’s Seafood, for Air-Fried fish fillets, Catch & Fetch for new pet treats, Pure Catch Nutritional Supplements for Pollock fish oil and High Liner Foods for Alaska Wild Wings, to be a core meu item for a national chain.  Neptune Snacks was awarded funds for a second year to expand its line of Wild Alaska Pollock jerky.

Other grant winners include the Lucky Louie fish Shack at Seattle-Tacoma airport, which will be offering for a limited time Alaska Pollock fish tacos and fish-taco inspired bowls.

New partner King & Price Seafood is collaborating with GAPP to increase sales of their Alaska Pollock Fish Fillet Sandwich in convenience stores throughout the Midwest during Lent.

GAPP is also working with other seafood firms to educate consumers and boost sales of Alaska Pollock in European markets.

Overall GAPP received over $5 million in requests for funding. All partners bring equal or greater funds to invest in the projects and must commit to using U.S. sourced wild Alaska Pollock for the duration of the program and beyond, Morris said.

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