Letter to the Editor: A call to civil disobedience

At the last School Board meeting, there was over an hour of public testimony. Every single person that spoke, except for one, supported optional masking in school. Yet, those in leadership ignored every parent that spoke against the mask requirement. Parents, your elected officials are not listening to you. They are attempting to force your children into masks against your will. Unfortunately, the time has come where courageous families may choose to civilly disobey the mask requirement.

To those brave, courageous parents who do not want to force their children to wear a mask I say these things.

We each have a God-given right to bodily autonomy. So, if you choose for your child not to wear a mask, consider these guidelines.

Urge them not to be rude. Tell them not to yell, scoff, or pout. They must be able to hold their temper in check when told to wear a mask. Urge them towards quiet strength. But, with the way they refuse and the attitude they hold, tell them to be respectful.

To follow the tradition of America’s civil disobedience, one must accept the consequences of violating the rules. This path is not an easy one. It is not meant for everyone. Your children may be suspended. They may be expelled. Their fellow students may be rude. Their teachers may get upset. They will be treated differently. So, choose this path wisely. You will have chosen to follow your conscience and your principles over what the Administration is attempting to force upon your children.

Mr. Russin, I implore you to listen to the parents. Do not require masks. None of us asked you to ban them or perform a “universal un-masking.” That is nonsense. We asked that you leave the masking up to each family. Be wise in your decision.


William Deaton
Republican Party Cordova Precinct leader

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