A new twist on an annual tradition

Cordova Cleanup Day reimagined as Cleanup Week and Free Dump Day

Julie, Noah, and Avery Reynolds participating in the 2019 Cordova Cleanup Day. Photo courtesy of the Cordova Chamber of Commerce

Cordova Chamber of Commerce and Copper River Watershed Project along with the City of Cordova and community partners are pleased to announce the return of Cordova’s annual citywide Cleanup event. The group has reimagined Cleanup Day into a fresh, fun, weeklong team-based event.

The Cordova Cleanup Committee has de-coupled the event from the City’s Free Dump Day, which will happen in the fall. Because the purpose of Cordova Cleanup has always been to band together and make shared public spaces cleaner, moving free dump day to a separate event will prevent citizens from having to choose whether to spend that time cleaning up their own property or shared public spaces.

To create a cleanup opportunity for the community while following CDC’s current guidelines that limit large group gatherings, the group decided to change the event structure to a week-long DIY event inspired by Anchorage Citywide Cleanup where people can form teams, pick up bags and gloves from a home base location, and drop them off to the baler during open hours or to a dumpster outside the baler during afterhours. The Cleanup Week team have formed a new Facebook group, called Cordova Cleanup Week, for locals to post as they pick up during Cleanup Week and beyond. This year’s prizes will come in the form of local-only gift certificates in order to simultaneously support local businesses. Sign-up your team at cordovachamber.com/cordova-cleanup-day.

Batteries may be dropped off at Napa/Anchor Auto for disposal. Electronics may be dropped off to the parking lot behind NVE between May 24-30. As always, individuals are encouraged to recycle cans, and sort their glass at Harbor Loop so space can be conserved at the landfill.

The Cordova Chamber is asking local businesses to consider forming teams to help with the cleanup efforts or to make a $50 donation to the Cordova Cleanup fund which provides supplies for this event.

Cordova Cleanup Day is jointly organized by the Cordova Chamber of Commerce, a 501(c)6 nonprofit organization and Copper River Watershed Project along with a committee of representatives from the City of Cordova, Native Village of Eyak, Chugach National Forest – Cordova Ranger District, and local citizens. The purpose and goal of this committee is to offer an annual spring cleanup effort with full community participation that hopefully leads to a cleaner Cordova year-round. For information on volunteering or donating to Cordova Cleanup Day, contact the Cordova Chamber of Commerce by phone at 907-424-7260, or email [email protected].


Cathy Renfeldt is executive director for the Cordova Chamber of Commerce.