Alaska Symphony of Seafood cancelled for 2020-2021

The 2020-2021 Alaska Symphony of Seafood event, which was previously rescheduled, has been cancelled.

The Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation, organizer of the annual Symphony event, said its decision to cancel came after polling industry partners and participants, and also because Diversified Communications has cancelled the 2021 Seafood Expo North America.

Both events are expected to resume in 2022. AFDF plans to resume preparation for the 2021-2022 Symphony with a call for product in August.

AFDF officials said that without healthy industry participation the benefits of an in-person or virtual event would be limited.

Additionally, SENA is the central event at which AFDF showcases winning products from each year’s Symphony. AFDF has annually provided airfare and booth space at the huge SENA expo in Boston for its grand prize winner and first place winners in each product category, as well as the People’s Choice winners at affiliated gala events.

Meanwhile AFDF officials said they will explore new opportunities to promote past Symphony winners, as part of their effort to expand the reach and positive impact of the Symphony.