Oceana offers free online educational classes for kids

Vivian Kennedy holds a live Tanner crab to show her son, Maverick Kennedy, 4, at the airplane float in the Cordova Boat Harbor on Thursday, March 7, 2019. (Photo by Emily Mesner/The Cordova Times)

With many schools turning to online classes as a safety measure during the global pandemic the conservation entity Oceana is offering free online ocean-related lesson plans and activities for kids that can be downloaded and enjoyed.

Sign up at sailorsforthesea.org/programs/kelp.

Once registered, individuals can download 49 lesson plans for all age groups, all categories, all settings and all levels of physical activity.

Categories include beaches, bays and rivers, catching fish, living underwater, aquatic animals, pollution and marine debris, food chains, climate change and chemistry of the sea. There are lessons for use inside, outdoors and along waterways too, plus levels of low, moderate or high physical activity, in everything from beach bingo and exploring the shore to how to make a “blubber glove” to mimic the importance of blubber to whales living in frigid waters.

Each lesson plan gives an overview of the game, key concepts for the student to learn, a list of materials needed and how to set up prior to beginning the activity. Each lesson plan is suitable for one or several students.