Burcham: Join us Dec. 19 for Cordova’s COVID-Correct Christmas Bird Count

Paula Burcham and a Common Redpoll (Carduelis flammea). Photo by Milo Burcham

While just about every group activity planned in 2020 was been cancelled, this year’s Christmas Bird Count will proceed! We believe it is possible to have Cordova’s COVID-Correct Christmas Bird Count (CCCCBC), and get people outside in a safe manner, despite the pandemic. Of course, the event will be modified to fit the circumstances: people/families will drive their own cars and the data-compiling potluck will be replaced with a data-compiling Zoom call. Other than that, it is same as usual: up to the birds… and weather of course.

The Christmas Bird Count is a long-running tradition in Cordova, this year marking our 49th year. The count is a citizen science effort organized by the National Audubon Society. On Saturday, Dec. 19, volunteers will gather to count birds within a 5-mile-diameter circle surrounding the Cordova area. All birds seen or heard by the teams within the circle will be recorded and the totals will be compiled at the end of the day. This data will then be entered into the national database and is used to track trends in bird populations. It is an excellent opportunity to learn and anyone is welcomed to join.

The count will take place on Dec. 19 during our fleeting daylight hours. Please contact Milo Burcham at 907-429-5878 if you are interested.

Stock those feeders and start looking for those rarities!