Cordova reports third, fourth COVID-19 cases

Transmission electron micrograph of coronavirus particles isolated from a patient. (March 11, 2020) Image courtesy of NIAID

Cordova’s Medical Response Team identified two new cases of the novel coronavirus, the city announced Tuesday, June 23. These two cases follow the Wednesday, June 17 announcement that an Ocean Beauty Seafoods worker had tested positive for the virus. Cordova’s first case of the virus, an Ocean Beauty worker who tested positive May 1, has since recovered.

The two new positive cases are asymptomatic, like the previous two cases, according to a release from the city. Health care providers are in the process of testing everyone who was in close contact with the two newly identified coronavirus-positive individuals. The individuals have been isolated, according to the release.

As the coronavirus-positive individuals are not Alaska residents, they will not be listed on the state’s online coronavirus dashboard as positives in the Cordova-Valdez census area. However, the city of Cordova’s coronavirus dashboard will identify them as local positives, according to the release.

As of June 22, 1,005 coronavirus tests had been conducted in Cordova, according to data released by the city. Of those tests, 1,003 were negative. Community health care providers have the capacity to perform 1,100 more tests.