PWS shrimp trawl fishery opens

Commercial fishing for sidestripe shrimp in Prince William Sounds Area E has opened, with guideline harvest levels of 66,000 pounds in the Wells section, 33,000 pounds for the combined central and southwest sections and 14,000 pounds for the northwest section.

Participants must have a 2020 P07E or P17E interim use permit from the Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission and a Prince William Sound vessel registration.

Shrimp trawls are required to meet state regulations specifying codend mesh size and orientation and a fish excluder device to reduce bycatch of non-target species.

Fishermen are required to telephone the Alaska Department of Fish and Game at 907-424-7215 within 24 hours of a landing and provide catch reports. All fish tickets, accompanied by completed log sheets, with deadloss sample information, must be received by ADF&G in Cordova, Anchorage or Homer within seven days of landing.

Fishermen must collect unsorted shrimp samples from each trip, and from each section, if more than one section was fished during the trip, in order to calculate deadloss.