Museum Memories: Memories of Copper Days gone by

Photo courtesy of the Cordova Historical Society

We missed getting this in The Cordova Times for the actual date of Copper Day, but here is some information about the fun celebration our town held.

The first trainload of ore reached Cordova on April 8, 1911, with 1,200 tons of high-grade copper ore with an estimated value of a quarter of a million dollars. Declared “Copper Day” in Cordova, a special train was sent to escort the ore train to the dock where the steamer Northwestern awaited the shipment.

A reduced rate was given to the residents of Chitina to come to Cordova and special excursions fares were made by the steamship companies to bring residents from neighboring towns to join the celebration.

Five big steamships were in port and all of Cordova turned out for the celebration. The Eagles Band played, church bells rang, horns and engine whistles blared as the ore train approached town.