RavnAir Group shuts down for duration of pandemic

RavnAir Group is parking all 72 aircraft for now and laying off all remaining staff, due to an unprecedented loss of 90 percent of passenger revenue due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, airline officials said Sunday, April 5.

The temporary layoffs for RavnAir Alaska, PenAir and RavnAir Connect will be in place until the company is in a position to cover the costs of rehiring, resume flights and operate to the communities it serves throughout Alaska, airline officials said.

A statement issued by RavnAir Group said these actions will allow the company to await word on its federal CARES Act grant applications and other sources of financial assistance that will allow the company to get through the pandemic and successfully restart operations.

RavnAir also said they have been in contact with other air carriers in Alaska since April 2 to help them establish new or replacement air service wherever possible until RavnAir can resume its normal operations.