Candidate Q&A: Kelsey Appleton Hayden

Kelsey Appleton Hayden

Candidate for Cordova Community Medical Center Authority Board member
Running unopposed

Kelsey Appleton Hayden. Photo courtesy of Kelsey Appleton Hayden

Job: Fishing vessel administrator, Cordova District Fishermen United.

Public service: Iceworm Festival Board member, Cordova Chamber of Commerce member.

Highest education: Bachelor of Liberal Studies, University of Alaska

What can the CCMC authority board do to make sure that the potential sale of the hospital to the Native Village of Eyak goes smoothly?
I think transparency with employees and the community is paramount. The best defense against the Cordova rumor mill is accessible information on where we’re at in the process, and what the next step is. I think ensuring that CCMC employees are taken care of in this change is also important, as benefits, retirement, and pay scales will differ. I hope by the end of it, the board and NVE have created something that works well for the community, and motivates residents to use it rather than traveling out when possible.

When was the last time you visited CCMC as a patient?
Last week! I’ve got a new baby, so I’ve been a frequent flyer of the clinic the last 18 months. It’s been my primary health care provider.

How well do you think CCMC is currently serving the needs of citizens?
Very well. I’ve had nothing but great care at the clinic, particularly the last year and a half. We’ve got staff that genuinely cares about the people they see, not just in the clinic but also in the pharmacy and business center side of things. I, thankfully, haven’t been to the ER in ages, so I can’t really speak to that side of things. The hospital has no doubt, had its issues over the years, but it has done well by me as a user.


Can for-profit hospitals serve the public as effectively as not-for-profit hospitals?
I don’t know enough about either to have an opinion on it, but I’m expecting to get learned up real quick! We have both in this state, and I imagine both provide their own unique challenges and advantages to the public. I guess in a year or five I might have a more educated answer for this.

What is your most challenging hobby?
I anticipate it being this position! There is a steep learning curve here, as my experience with the inner workings of hospitals and budgets is limited, but I’m going to do my best! Hobbies are few and far between in this phase of my life, but I love to quilt when I get the opportunity, and I’m a sucker for house projects/renovations.

The Cordova General Election will be held Tuesday, March 3, selecting new members of Cordova City Council, the Cordova School Board and the Cordova Community Health Center Authority Board. Voting will take place from 7 a.m.-8 p.m. at the Cordova Center.

The Cordova Times asked all candidates questions with uniform word limits and deadlines for response.