Letter to the Editor: Pebble falsely claims Tribal support

I received from Pebble mine a mailed pamphlet making it sound like the Nondalton Tribal Council and Cunyung Tribal Council helped produce the draft EIS.

In the tribal leaders’ letter to the editor Nov. 18 in response to the advertisement that Pebble submitted to Anchorage Daily News on Nov. 6, Pebble stated that the permitting process for Pebble’s proposed mine is working. The tribal leaders’ letter was, “Don’t be misled: Pebble’s permitting process is broken.”

This ad gave the impression that our tribal governments support the work that the Army Corps of Engineers has done on Pebble’s environmental review to date. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our tribes have been part of this process from the start. And let us tell you: The process is broken, and it shouldn’t be trusted. Pebble did not ask for permission to use logos, and we wouldn’t have granted it if they had.

In the last month Pebble has misrepresented these tribes three times. Tom Collier CEO did it when testifying before a Congressional hearing. He claimed they had total support for access from the majority of tribes around Iliamna Lake. Alannah Hurly testified to the fact that they do not. She is Executive Director of United Tribes of Bristol Bay.

If Pebble would create falsehoods about this, what else would they lie about? The capability of their water treatment plant? The level of toxins they’re putting back into the lakes, rivers and streams?

This is exactly what residents of Likely, B.C. are asking with the reopening of the Mount Polly Mine. Concerned Citizens of Quesnel Lake organized out of fear about if the mines waste waters were even being treated before being discharged into their lake. Some aren’t drinking the water or eating the fish.


Here’s their website ccql.ca. In May 2019 the Mount Polly Mine closed again citing financial concerns.

Vicki Duggin

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