NOAA Fisheries names international affairs director

Alexa Cole has been appointed as the new director for NOAA Fisheries’ Office of International Affairs and Seafood Inspection.

Her job entails promoting international engagement and cooperation to achieve responsible marine stewardship and ensure sustainable fisheries management on a global scale. She will also oversee the agency’s seafood inspection services, which support seafood safety.

In her more than 15 years with NOAA, Cole has won multiple awards for her leadership and exceptional performance. She has served as acting director of that office since May.

“She is a skilled negotiator and has ably represented the agency at high stakes international fisheries science and management meetings and treaty negotiations,” said Paul Doremus, deputy assistant administrator for operations at NOAA Fisheries. “Her unique experience as an attorney and a negotiator gives her the perfect skill set to take on this new role and lead this office into the future.”

Cole holds a master’s degree in international public policy from Johns Hopkins University.

A law degree from Vermont Law School, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in geography and environmental studies from McGill University.