Bull moose hunt ends in Unit 6B

J.J. Stevenson points out a herd of moose to Debra Ethier during her hunt on Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2018. (Photo by Emily Mesner/The Cordova Times)

A bull moose hunt for area RM164 including all of Unit 6B will close by emergency order on Sunday, Sept. 15 in order to prevent harvest beyond the management goal, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced Friday, Sept. 13.

The moose population point for Unit 6B, includes the Gulf of Alaska and Copper River Basin drainages west of Palm Point near Katalla, east of the west bank of the Copper River and east of a line from Flag Point to Cottonwood Point. Last year there were some 420 moose there.

ADF&G set a maximum allowable harvest of 28 bull moose for this season. At the time of the emergency closure announcement 21 bull moose had been killed.

Additional take beyond that harvest objective could affect the long-term stability of the moose population, ADF&G officials said.

The closure affects only registration permit hunt RM164 in Unit 6B. All other moose hunting regulation in Unit 6 are unaffected by this emergency order.