Twentymile mountain goat hunt RG868 closes

Registration permit hunt RG868 for mountain goats in the Twentymile area, Game Management Unit 14C, will close by emergency order at one minute before midnight on Sept. 6, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced on Sept. 5

The Twentymile area is managed with separate registration hunts for resident and nonresident hunters. Four of the total goat points are allotted for residents with permit RG868. Total goat points are calculated using one point or billies and two points for nannies.

ADF&G officals said that to maintain the population objective of at least 500 goats in Unit 14C that will sustain an annual harvest to 25 goats, comprising at least 60 percent males, harvest from this area should not exceed five goat points. Currently, five goat points have been reported harvested by resident hunters from the Twentymile area and additional hunters remain in the field. No further harvest is warranted at this time, they said.