Micah Renfeldt: the work is its own reward

Micah Renfeldt with his daughter Raeli. Photo by Jane Spencer/for The Cordova Times

Editor’s note: Cordova community events and programs run on volunteers. This is an ongoing series of Volunteer Spotlight Q&A’s in partnership with the Cordova Chamber of Commerce to honor those who give their time and efforts to better the community.

Originally from Utah, Micah Renfeldt moved to Cordova and volunteers his time to various local causes. In addition to his background and love of outdoor recreation, he enjoys spending his free time with his wife Cathy and daughter, Raeli.

How did you first start volunteering in Cordova?

Micah Renfeldt: I started volunteering with the Cordova Volunteer Fire Dept in 2011. First as a firefighter, then, a few years later, as a medic as well. 

What is your background?

My work background has been in recreation for most of my adult life. I worked as a whitewater river guide a fair number of years in the summer, then ski bum in the winters. It was through guiding I first became interested in rescue and emergency medicine. I certified as a Swiftwater Rescue Technician and a Wilderness First Responder. During that work, I was involved in countless rescues and a fair amount of medical emergencies

What kind of volunteer work are you involved in?

Since I’ve moved here, I’ve worked for the forest service and the city parks and recreation department. 

I’ve been a volunteer for many events. I used to cut the tree for the Christmas tree lighting for a number of years; I still help with the kelp box derby; with the help of others I designed and constructed the disc golf course; helped with [Wyatt Sorenson’s] Eagle Scout project; and my time as a firefighter/medic.


What is something you’ve gained from your volunteer work?

MR: I’ve become certified as an EMT I and Firefighter I through the dept. Through volunteer work I’ve met countless friends and those in the department are as close as family.

We moved here because we liked the town so much and helping with emergency services seemed like the best way to give something back. Personally, I enjoy seeing the things I’ve done being used by the community at large. I frequently meet new folks playing the disc golf course. 

Any story you’d like to share about volunteering in Cordova?

MR: As far as the time I’ve spent with emergency services, if we’re there, it’s likely that day is one the worst days that individual may ever have. That’s why we’re there. To help any way possible. It’s hard work, but the work is its own reward.  Our motto is, “Any time, any place, any need.” 

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