Two sentenced for drug trafficking in Ketchikan

Two California men who pleaded guilty to a drug trafficking conspiracy to transport methamphetamine and heroin from the Lower 48 to Ketchikan for distribution were sentenced in Anchorage on May 20 to serve time in federal prison.

U.S. District Judge Timothy M. Burgess sentenced Arthur Castillo, 32, of Fresno, CA, and Alfonso Francisco Sandoval, 32, of Clovis, CA, to 11 years and 6.5 years respectively.

According to court documents Castillo conspired with Sandoval and other co-conspirators from June through October 2017 to distribute methamphetamine in Ketchikan. Castillo coordinated and directed the distribution of methamphetamine and collection of drug proceeds from co-conspirators, then took the money to the lower 48 to purchase additional drugs.

During the course of the conspiracy authorities seized some 753 grams of methamphetamine, 75 grams of heroin and marijuana intended for distribution in Ketchikan.

Authorities also seized $16,710 in drug proceeds and property, including firearms used in furtherance of drug trafficking activities. Court documents stated that the amount of drugs seized was enough to supply nearly a quarter of the population of Ketchikan with methamphetamine, and nearly 750 people with heroin.