Annual Cordova cleanup day set for May 25

Everyone is welcome to come out and volunteer for the Cordova Chamber of Commerce’s annual clean-up day. Cordova Chamber of Commerce photo

Tourism season is almost upon us and volunteers are needed for the Cordova Chamber of Commerce annual cleanup day on Saturday, May 25, to pick up trash and sort recyclables.

The reward, along with a cleaner Cordova, will be a noon barbecue, plus door prizes.

Dates for the annual harbor cleanup day, hosted by Cordova District Fishermen United and the Native Village of Eyak are to be announced soon.

Cordova Clean-up Day will begin at 10 a.m.

Volunteers are asked to pick up garbage bags and plastic gloves at the Cordova Center, check in to get their route assignment, and then return to the Cordova Center at noon for the free barbecue and a chance to win door prizes.

Clean-Up Day May 25 begins at 10 a.m. with volunteers pick up trash bags and get their route assignments at the Cordova Center.
Cordova Chamber of Commerce photo

Vehicles will not be accepted at the baler on cleanup day this year, but any other day of the year the cost is $50 to drop off junk cars and light duty trucks. Call the baler at 907-424-5600 to arrange drop-offs. Large item drop-off will be available only at the landfill during this year’s cleanup day. Yellow bags, hazardous materials and regular household waste will be accepted at the baler on clean-up day, but Freon appliances and large items can be dropped off at the baler during regular hours the rest of the year.


The baler facility will be open from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on cleanup day for residential solid waste disposal. The baler facility will only accept yellow bags, household trash and household hazardous waste free of charge.

Car batteries may be dropped off at Napa/Anchor Auto for disposal. Call the baler at 907-424-5600 for detailed information and program requirements.

Local business owners are asked to consider forming a team to help and also to make a $50 donation to help pay for food and supplies.

The event is organized by the chamber, along with representatives from the city of Cordova, NVE, Chugach National Forest-Cordova Ranger District, and Copper River Watershed Project.

For information on volunteering or donating to the event, call the chamber at 907-424-7260 or email [email protected].

A young volunteer armed with gloves and a trash bag provided by the Cordova Chamber of Commerce helps to clean up around town.
Cordova Chamber of Commerce photo