H.R. 2467 would restrict aquaculture operations

Legislation introduced in Congress by Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska, would keep commercial finfish aquaculture operations out of the federal exclusive economic zone unless specifically authorized by Congress.

H.R. 2467, the Keep Fin Fish Free Act, was introduced on May 2 and assigned to the House Natural Resources Committee.

Hallie Templeton, oceans campaigner for Friends of the Earth, which supports the bill, said efforts are underway to introduce a companion bill in the Senate.

“The seafood industry is critical to Alaska’s economy, and we must be doing all we can to protect the health and integrity of our state’s wild fish stock,” Young said. “If not properly managed, industrial aquaculture operations threaten Alaska’s unique ecosystem with non-native and genetically modified fish species. My legislation takes needed steps to prevent the unchecked spread of aquaculture operations by reigning in the federal bureaucracy, and empowering Congress to determine where new aquaculture projects should be conducted. It’s up to us to ensure that our oceans are healthy and pristine, and I urge my friends on both sides of the aisle to join me in this important effort.”