CHS band, choir receive top awards at Aurora Music Festival

40 students represented Cordova in regional competition

The Cordova Jr./Sr. High School band and choir members. (Photo by Scott Pegau/for The Cordova Times)

Cordova Jr./Sr. High School students received top honors during the Aurora Music Festival April 11-13 in Nenana.

Twenty-three Cordova solo and ensemble acts were given superior ranking at the regional level, qualifying the 21 students to All-State Solo and Ensemble Competition May 10-11 in Anchorage.

The students who qualified for state include Brian Allison, John Appleton, Kaleb Carrillo, Olivia Carroll, Kevin Chung, Alena Craig, Autumn Deaton, Alana Esguerra, Erika Galera, Serena Herschleb, Gwethalyn Jacob, Brent Mapili, Jacey Pallas, Madelyn Roemhildt, Mia Siebenmorgen-Cresswell, Ria Smyke, Jieller Tabara, Zya Taylor, Andrea Vargas, Anika Witsoe, and Jessica Wray.

“There are many different categories the students can compete in and the judges pick the best from those categories to represent what they are looking for to best show others what they think is the elite status of that category,” said CHS music teacher Chelsea Corrao. “A command performance designation means you were that student who showed the judge the elite status and the judge thought it should be shared with the whole festival.”

Olivia Carroll was chosen to represent the classical singing category for her performance of “Voi Che Sapete”. She was also selected to represent the musical theatre category for her performance of “Your Daddy’s Son” from the musical Ragtime.

Alana Esguerra and Kaleb Carrillo were designated second command for the musical theatre category and the strings category, respectively.

Command Performance musicians during the Aurora Music Festival, from left, Olivia Carroll, Kaleb Carrillo, and Alana Esguerra. (Photo by Chelsea Corrao/for The Cordova Times)

Eleven CHS students represented Cordova in the honor band and honor choir.

Honor choir members include Kaleb Carrillo, Olivia Carroll, Autumn Deaton, Alana Esguerra, Madelyn Roemhildt, Zya Taylor and Andrea Vargas.

“Andrea was also awarded a first chair medallion for Alto one, meaning she is the best alto … in our whole region,” Carrao said.

Honor band members include John Appleton, tenor saxophone; Serena Herschleb, clarinet; Brent Mapili, alto saxophone; and Ria Smyke, French horn.

Appleton and Mapili were awarded first chair medallions as well.

First chair musicians from the Aurora Music Festival, from left, Brent Mapili, Andrea Vargas, and John Appleton. (Photo by Chelsea Corrao/for The Cordova Times)

Final scores were given after both the choir and the band were adjudicated by two judges. The CHS band was named first place, 2a band and the choir was given third place, overall designation.

Cordova will be hosting the music festival next year, with nearly 400 student participants.

CHS band members include Christian Adams, John Appleton, Nancy Bishop, Kaleb Carrillo, Bradley Crawford, Autumn Deaton, Alana Esguerra, Gage Frohnapfel, Keila Gonzalez, Serena Herschleb, August Jewell, Justin Lim, Brent Mapili, Jacey Pallas, Madelyn Roemhildt, Ria Smyke, Jieller Tabara and Anika Witsoe.

CHS choir members include Brian Allison, Xavior Bergemann-LaLonde, Abby Bourgeois, Naomi Burt, Kaleb Carrillo, Olivia Carroll, Kevin Chung, Alena Craig, Leopold Craig, Bradley Crawford, Autumn Deaton, Alana Esguerra, Erika Galera, Ameelia Hamberger, Serena Herschleb, Gwethalyn Jacob, Philip Jacob, Jaqai Kinsman, Aaliyah Malazo, Brent Mapili, Alexandria Myszka, Edrea Navarro, Grace Reyes, Madelyn Roemhildt, Cody Shaw, Mia Sibenmorgen-Cresswell, Lea Sison, Ria Smyke, Aaron Taitano, Zya Taylor, Andrea Vargas and Jessica Wray.