Preschoolers help clean harbor

From left Gravina Hansen, 4.5, Evelyn Kelly, 5, Henry Davis, 4.5, and Seamus Wiese, 5, gather trash while helping clean the harbor during their nature preschool in Cordova on Tuesday, March 19, 2019. (Photo by Ann Solberg/for The Cordova Times)

On Tuesday, April 19, the Little Dippers, a small informal outdoor pre-school group, picked up trash in the harbor.  They took the job very seriously and couldn’t believe the amount of litter they found.

The Little Dippers, comprised of students Gravina Hansen and Henry Davis, both 4 and ½,and Evelyn Kelly and Seamus Wiese, both 5,  filled one huge bag of rubbish, and another with beer cans.

After all the trash had been picked up, they read a great library book on the beach about the Three R’s (Reuse, Recycle, and Reduce), and brainstormed about what we can all do better.

One of the kids said, “we all need to look after the Earth,” and another said, “people should behave better.”

It was wonderful to see how much our Cordova kids understand about the place they call home, how much they love the fish and animals that live here, and how they want to work to keep Cordova clean.