CRRC wins award for traditional foods poster

Chugach Regional Resources Commission, a non-profit, inter-tribal consortium of seven tribes in the Chugach region, was honored during the 50th anniversary of the Governor’s Arts and Humanities Awards for its traditional foods program poster.

In 2016, CRRC initiated a traditional foods program, doing a baseline assessment of food consumption and harvest patterns to develop a wellness strategy for the changing environment. A traditional foods poster was created, to show the importance of traditional foods to cultural identity, and for the protection of the subsistence lifestyles.

CRRC officials said the project brought to life the ways that connections and memories of traditional foods are woven into the stories of people’s lives, and brought the community together to engage, inform and connect.  The poster serves as a legacy to the people of Alaska, those living in Southcentral Alaska, they said.

The award was presented in ceremonies in Juneau on Feb. 7.