Law & Order: Jan. 25-31

A Cordova Police vehicle outside of the Cordova Police Department in August, 2018. (Photo by Emily Mesner/The Cordova Times)

The following incidents were reported to the Cordova Police Department between 1-25-19 thru 1-31-19. Any charges reported in these press releases are merely accusations and the defendant and/or defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.                     

JANUARY 25, Friday:

2:11 p.m. Caller reported his vehicle had been hit and damaged. Both parties swapped insurance information. 2:16 p.m. Caller reported an abandoned vehicle parked on

First Street. Officer responded and placed abandoned sticker on vehicle.

JANUARY 26, Saturday:  

6:37 p.m. Caller reported his vehicle was hit while parked in the street. 10:12 p.m. Caller requested a welfare check of an individual. Officer was unable to locate the person. 11:47 p.m. Caller reported a person fell and was having trouble walking. Officer was unable to find individual.

JANUARY 27, Sunday:

1:58 p.m. Caller reported a vehicle that was parked sideways on the Copper River Highway. Officer responded and found the vehicle had moved and the owner had gone to his home.

JANUARY 28, Monday:

4:06 a.m. Caller reported smoke in his home. Fire department responded.


JANUARY 29, Tuesday: 

2:02 a.m. Caller stated that she had been pushed down and was fighting with her boyfriend. Officer responded and both parties were separated for the night.

JANUARY 30, Wednesday: 

1:45 a.m. Caller stated she saw flashlights on in her neighbors’ home but that her neighbors were out of town. Officer responded and found no evidence of entry and that lights were just left on in the home.

JANUARY 31, Thursday:  

12:06 p.m. Caller reported a red truck in the road with its door open. Officer responded and spoke with driver who was informed he couldn’t be there.


DMV HOURS: From 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday unless otherwise posted. Motorcycle testing is still available, weather permitting. DMV has moved to 602 Railroad Ave.  Payments now accepted for dog licenses, ATV/snow machine registrations and citations.