Concerns raised on future of 10 species

A national network of conservation, scientific, educational, sport, business and community organizations is raising concerns that weakening of the Endangered Species Act threatens the future of 10 species from California’s condor and giraffes to the Western yellow-billed cuckoo.

The Endangered Species Coalition, based in Washington D.C., contends that the Trump Administration is on the verge of finalizing rules to weaken the Endangered Species Act.

On Dec. 18, the coalition released a new report listing 10 species imperiled by such action, also including Humboldt martens, leatherback and loggerhead sea turtles, red wolves, rusty patched bumble bees, San Bernardino kangaroo rats, West Indian manatees and Hellbenders, a species of aquatic giant salamander endemic to eastern North America.

The list was reviewed by a committee of distinguished scientists, who decided which species to include in the report. The list can be downloaded at