Filling our hearts with light and love

Here along the snow covered, frozen Yukon River in Tanana, everyone is excited and looking forward to Christmas with kids sledding, dogs barking, and light shining from two churches as people decorate and get ready.  “Yes!” junior high student John Erhart said when he saw we had arrived, all bundled up in winter coats and fur hats and mittens. My son Mike and I, and the students, are singing and playing all their favorite songs and carols from Jingle Bells to Silent Night as the students get ready for their school concert on Thursday night. Everyone will dress up, the students will sing and play, Santa will arrive and there will be treats galore!  Best of all will be the smiles and laughter as we enjoy each other’s company!

Here in the darkness of winter, it’s a wonderful time to fill our hearts with light and love as we think of others! All of us have blessings that we can share and bring joy to this Christmas season. I’m so grateful for all of you, your smiles, helping hands and friendship. We have a great community and we can reach out to be sure everyone here and around the world has food, shelter and a safe place to be with our prayers and our resources. We have fish to help feed the world, great wildlife and beauty with mountains, the sea and the delta that inspire us and people young and old who like to solve problems! All of us are loved by God and needed to bring light and love to the world!

Join us this Christmas season at St. George’s or one of the other churches in town!

A 10:30 a.m. church service with the Rev. Belle preaching and Godly Play for the children with a special children’s song and artwork Sunday, Dec. 23.

A Candlelit Christmas Eve Service with Christmas carols, special music and Holy Communion 8 p.m. Monday, Dec. 24. The Rev. Belle will be preaching. Christmas treats at the Red Dragon at 9 p.m.

The Rev. Belle Mickelson is the rector of St. George’s Episcopal Church and the director of a village music program, Dancing with the Spirit, She can be reached at 907-424-5143 or on her cell at 907-388-3347.