Update on ASMI programs set for Oct. 29-31

An update on domestic and international marketing programs of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute at its annual All Hands meeting is set for Oct. 29-31 at the Hotel Captain Cook in Anchorage.

In addition to presentations on marketing programs, ASMI will offer updates on fisheries by Garrett Evidge of the McDowell Group; fiscal issues by Becky Monagle, ASMI finance director; and Global Food Aid, by Bruce Schactler, USDA Food Aid Program director.

Also on the agenda are reports on ASMI’s committees on salmon, halibut/sablefish,, whitefish and shellfish.

Those unable to attend in person can listen in on audio that will be available by calling 1-800-315-6338. The alternate call in number is 1-913-904-9376

Access Code: 05684

A draft agenda for the meeting is online at https://uploads.alaskaseafood.org/2018/10/Working-Agenda-All-Hands-2018-4.pdf