Planning staff researches Prince William Sound borough formation

The city of Cordova’s planning staff is discussing with Girdwood Governance Association the possibility of funding a Prince William Sound borough economic feasibility study with Girdwood and Whittier.

The communication stems from considerations posed by the Cordova City Council on whether or not to help fund such a study.

Girdwood Governance Association is a civic association of Girdwood residents whose goal is to explore, identify and if feasible, advance a viable plan to maximize self-governance for the Girdwood community, according to their website.

Assistant Planner Leif Stavig has started a list of questions about borough formation that he hopes to get answered by either the economic study or those who are more knowledgeable about the process.

Individuals with questions or areas of concern about borough formation are asked to email Stavig at [email protected].

More information is in the council’s last Work Session and Regular Meeting Packets, at


City Council will have another work session on Sept. 5, with someone from Girdwood available for questions. The council will also be making a decision on whether to fund the economic study along with Girdwood and Whittier.