Meet your gubernatorial candidates: Mike Dunleavy, Republican, former Alaska State Senator

The Cordova Times asked the Alaska gubernatorial candidates the same 5 questions

1. How would your administration balance the needs and allocations of all fisheries user groups, taking into consideration the importance of commercial fisheries to the statewide revenue stream?

Process is important to me. We have a sound and adequate vehicle with the board of fisheries, the role of which is reviewing the scientific process, hearing from the stakeholders and the public, and adhering to the statutory and constitutional obligations while making management and allocation decisions. When the opportunity presents, we will appoint qualified individuals to the board of fish to address these important issues.

2. How do you plan to impartially serve all Alaskans, regardless of their political viewpoint? 

To be clear—I will be a governor for ALL of Alaska. This means my administration will put people above special interests and choose Alaskans to fill positions who are qualified, rather than simply connected. Through saying ‘no’ to this crime wave and saying ‘yes’ to responsible resource development, cutting failing programs, and creating more jobs, we will turn Alaska around—creating a better Alaska not just for some, but for all.

3. Now that the Alaska Permanent fund is being used to balance the state budget, what is your specific plan to address the chasm between state revenues and expenditures and to restore economic balance?

The Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend program is the shining example of public policy working as intended for the benefit of all Alaskans. It wasn’t broken, and it didn’t need to be fixed.


Under my administration, we will create a better business environment, encouraging and supporting Alaskan investments. We will revisit the constitutional spending limit, and get a handle on our operating budget, because at this current rate of growth, no one’s plan will work. I am a pro-economic development, pro-industry, pro-jobs candidate, and you can expect the same from me as a governor. We can be better, and we will be.

4. What would you do to support continuous adequate funding for the Alaska Marine Highway System, and the scheduling needed to serve coastal communities?

First: I support the Juneau access road, and this takes much pressure off of the Alaska Marine Highway System, once built. Until then, we must look closely at what we have, how we can best utilize our assets, and do so accordingly. I have reviewed the draft of the Southeast Conference report on the AMHS reform initiative, and look forward to continuing to explore the recommendations contained as well as other perspectives on this important issue.

5. What role do you see tribes playing in Alaska’s future?

Tribes have been good partners with the state of Alaska. In areas like the Indian Reservation Roads, child health, child welfare, education programs, and scholarships, Tribal State Partnerships have been vital components of success.  I will continue to support these programs  and look for other ways to enhance our relationship with tribes and our tribal community.