Law & Order: June 29-July 5

The following incidents were reported to the Cordova Police Department between 6-29-18 thru 7-5-18. Any charges reported in these press releases are merely accusations and the defendant and/or defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

JUNE 29, Friday:

10:21 a.m. Caller requested two individuals trespassed from a residence. Officer notified both individuals that they were not to go to the residence. 11:44 a.m. Caller reported a vehicle was parked in the entrance to their parking lot. Officer responded and found the vehicle had moved. 1:05 p.m. Caller requested an officer remove an individual from his home. Officer responded and removed individual. 7:11 p.m. While on patrol officer contacted Autumn Leblanc, age 27 of Cordova and cited her for Driving While her License was Revoked and Driving Without an Ignition Interlock Device installed in vehicle. 9:10 p.m. An ambulance was requested to transport a patient to the airport for a medevac flight. The ambulance responded. 9:35 p.m. Caller requested an individual trespassed from his property on Orca Road. Officer notified individual.

JUNE 30, Saturday:

2:57 a.m. Caller reported her husband was not in the room they were staying in when she woke up. Caller later called back stating that she found her husband, and everything was okay.

JULY 1, Sunday:

10:25 a.m. Caller requested an officer remove an intoxicated individual from his boat. Officer responded and the individual left. 10:44 a.m. Caller requested an officer’s presence when he terminated an employee. Officer responded and waited while the employee removed his belongings. 2:47 p.m. Caller reported a man had passed out at the Fisherman’s Memorial. Officer responded and brought individual to the station and placed in cell until sober. 2:52 p.m. Caller reported suspicious activity had taken place in his home. Officer responded, spoke with resident and did not find any suspicious activity. 7:58 p.m. An ambulance was requested and responded for a medical transport to the airport. 11:03 p.m. A fire alarm was received for Ocean Beauty Seafoods. The fire department and officer responded and found the alarm to be false.

JULY 2, Monday:

7:21 a.m. An ambulance was requested and responded for a medical transport to the airport. 1:26 p.m. Caller reported he heard screaming in the vicinity of the Eyak boat ramp. Officer responded and was unable to locate anyone needing assistance in the area.

JUNE 3, Tuesday:

1:17 a.m. Caller reported two people were hanging around the planes at the city runway. Officer responded and found the individuals were unable to fly to their camp and were camped by their plane for the night. 3:37 a.m. Caller requested an unwanted individual be removed from a home. Officer responded and found the individual had left. 7:56 a.m. Caller requested an officer stand by while they terminated an employee. Officer stood by and reported no incident occurred.


JULY 4, Wednesday:

3:19 p.m. Caller requested assistance with a terminated employee. The employee left before the officer arrived.

JULY 5, Thursday:

6:51 a.m. Caller requested assistance with an employee who was trying to fight everyone. Officer responded and assisted with removing the individual and escorting to the airport. 5:39 p.m. Caller reported a theft. Officer took the information and filed a report. 6:05 p.m. Individual reported that while driving his motorcycle a guy driving a truck and using his phone and head set crossed into his lane and almost crashed into him. Officer spoke with both parties about the issue. 7:36 p.m. Caller reported an overdue hiker. Officer patrolled Whitshed Road in search of the hiker and the individual showed up back in town. 8:51 p.m. Caller reported an intoxicated driver on Chase Avenue. Officer responded and spoke with the driver. No issues were found. 8:59 p.m. Caller reported extra loud music coming from a residence on Whitshed Road. Officer responded and asked for the music to be turned down.


DMV HOURS: From 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday unless otherwise posted. Motorcycle testing is still available, weather permitting. DMV has moved to 602 Railroad Ave. Payments now accepted for dog licenses, ATV/snow machine registrations and citations.