Fiber & Friends: Fisher Folk Festival

The Gansey Exhibition is running at the Cordova Museum. The treasured collection was brought to Cordova by Kathryn Logan, all the way from North Scotland, and is one of numerous events taking place during the Net Loft’s Fiber and Friends 2016: Fisher Folk, a 10-day fiber arts retreat and festival which celebrates the proud tradition of harvest, heritage and hand knits.

The Net Loft is hosting their annual Fiber & Friends fiber arts retreat in Cordova from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. June 22 through June 28 celebrating the tradition of harvest, heritage and handknits.

During the event, the Cordova Historical Museum, located at the Cordova Center, will display a first-time showing in America of the Dutch Ganseys Exhibit, a collection of more than 50 adult and children’s ganseys from Holland.

A gansey is a hard-wearing, seamless sweater worn by fishermen who spent their days at sea.

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